design speaker

The design loudspeaker KEA AUDIO PACIFICA is a piece of art made from the finest ancient Pacific Kauri Timber, hand-crafted by local wood craftspeople. It is produced as a limited edition of twenty pairs since Kauri-trees are protected now and resources of old timber are limited. The inside of the cabinet is filled with natural sheep wool which also comes from New Zealand. The design is inspired by the pacific fish which is traditionally the most important food source of the Pacific people. The KEA AUDIO PACIFICA is omni-polar and has two sets of woofers and tweeters, one set directing to the listener and the other to the wall. The sound is therefore directed in all directions like musical instruments do. This makes positioning unproblematic.

Dimensions: 83cm x 29cm x 29cm (H*W*D)
Power handling: 300 Watt (Music)
Bandwidth: 25Hz - 40.000Hz
Impedance: 4 Ohms (nominal)
Sensibility: 91dB
Principle: Bassreflex
2 x 6.5" Polyepicell-Woofer
2 x 1" Polyepicell-Tweeter